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Our community consists of you, the people who ask for better developments and help to make them happen. The people who, collectively, communicate, in whatever manner possible, the need for positive change. The Architects, the Designers, the Engineers, The artists, the musicians, everybody who strives to better situations rather than conform to them. For Renwick, community is synonymous with the sharing of ideas and concepts, with the supporting of important causes, and with achieving understanding through education.

If you recognizes that no development truly stands alone, the absolute importance of the community becomes very clear. Each building forms an immediate relationship with its surroundings, whether positive or negative. How it relates to its neighbors, how it compliments or de...

Sustainability is a term that goes beyond the capacity to support the inputs or costs associated to maintaining a building or development’s usefulness. In broader terms it relates to the entire sphere of elements that form the final product encompassing the architecture, the design, the materials and in the running of the systems that address its heating and cooling requirements - all in a manner that remains manageable. In this context, how buildings are conceived plays a large role in how they perform and, more importantly, how useful and relevant they remain in the years to come. While the construction might be sound, if the design of a residential building, for example, is such that it can not accommodate changing needs, the cost of modifying it to do so will ensure sure that developme...

Architecture, for many, is nothing more than the marriage of form and function. The basic utilitarian planning for the addressing of current needs as are defined by purely economic projections. This is an unfortunate possition as it dramitically limits the capacity of perhaps the most significant of human expressions. Architecture provides a sense of place and defines the very interior and exterior spaces we occupy. Unlike other artistic endeavors, Architecture has the acute mandate of supporting and facilitating all manner  of human activity while promoting health and well-being and while enriching lives aesthetically and perhaps spiritually. Paramount to this, Architecture must seek to acheive harmony between the man made and the natural environment while reflecting our  cultures, our tr...

Our lifestyles define us as individuals. How we live is as much a determination of who we are and what we do as it is a part of where we reside. We are all individuals and as such, our lifestyles speak more about our uniqueness than any other aspect of our lives.

Urban life should not be synonymous with compromise, nor should it be reflective of proximity to downtown alone.

The ability of a home to address the needs specific to any given lifestyle, specifically those of an urban nature, is of critical importance. The ability to provide the canvas onto which each individual can express their uniqueness and do so without significant constraints is what separates dwellings from homes and enables the latter to remain functional, flexible and livable over the long term.

 The intelligent design and...

As part of Montreal’s intent to revitalize the downtown core, a strategic urban plan designed to redevelop several underutilized areas surrounding the downtown core was put into motion in the spring of 1999. The catalyst to this master plan was the repositioning of the area between Old Montreal and the financial district. The Quartier International or International Quarter was conceived and became the focus of intense development. Fueled by both government and private spending in the realm of 3 Billion Dollars, the area was successfully redefined as the international district - an integral part of the City’s long term plan to position Montreal as one of North America’s most prominent locations for international business.

With large investments to infrastructure, the redevelopment of this di...

Whether we would like to admit it or not, the downtown of Montreal is dying. With the continued departure of many core corporate establishments, most due to the increasing difficulty in accessing the financial district from suburban areas, much of our office space is becoming vacant and with it the presence of people downtown. It is very important that a distinction is made between professionals and students. In actuality, our downtown is overrun with students. More and more this demographic has dominated the core our city and as a result, has had an extreme influence on the retail, commercial and entertainment makeup of our main destination streets shifting the dynamic of these areas to those composed of thjose that cater uniquely to the 17 – 28 year old consumer. This is the absolute opp...

What defines a city? What best explains why some cities are great cities? While geographic location does in fact contribute to a city’s composition and therefore its natural qualities, and while the myriad of people from multiple cultural backgrounds dwelling within do indeed serve to provide a city with its character, the answer to this question lies in its architecture and urban design.

Regardless of all the other components that make up the vast fabric of any metropolis, it is without question the architecture of any city that provides the necessary forum, or rather the “stage” on which all modes of expression and endeavor are performed each and every day. It is within the boundaries of architecture that the majority of our lives play out and it is therefore the very quality of this arch...

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