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Lifestyle Importance

Our lifestyles define us as individuals. How we live is as much a determination of who we are and what we do as it is a part of where we reside. We are all individuals and as such, our lifestyles speak more about our uniqueness than any other aspect of our lives.

Urban life should not be synonymous with compromise, nor should it be reflective of proximity to downtown alone.

The ability of a home to address the needs specific to any given lifestyle, specifically those of an urban nature, is of critical importance. The ability to provide the canvas onto which each individual can express their uniqueness and do so without significant constraints is what separates dwellings from homes and enables the latter to remain functional, flexible and livable over the long term.

The intelligent design and the careful selection of products and materials that each unit employs enable all condos at 400 DOWD to successfully address the needs of any urban lifestyle and do so in a manner that provides more value than nearly any other project in downtown.

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