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Our community consists of you, the people who ask for better developments and help to make them happen. The people who, collectively, communicate, in whatever manner possible, the need for positive change. The Architects, the Designers, the Engineers, The artists, the musicians, everybody who strives to better situations rather than conform to them. For Renwick, community is synonymous with the sharing of ideas and concepts, with the supporting of important causes, and with achieving understanding through education.

If you recognizes that no development truly stands alone, the absolute importance of the community becomes very clear. Each building forms an immediate relationship with its surroundings, whether positive or negative. How it relates to its neighbors, how it compliments or detracts from the architecture of the existing buildings surrounding it, the type of spaces it creates or are created by it, even the shadows it casts are all part of the impact it leaves. At Renwick we believe that each building, each project, even every renovation, must consider the community within which it will exist. Not just in terms of the mark it will have on the surroundings but on the people that live and breathe these surroundings every day.

The people are what matter. The families, the children, the movers and shakers, the doers, the givers, and also those that depend on the charity of other, everyone that forms the unique fabric of our landscape. This is the community we speak of. How each building affects these individuals is important to us. Moreover, we see each development as an opportunity to bring these individuals, the communities in general, together in different ways. By getting people external to the development involved, wether to promote positive interactions, to foster the exchanging of ideas, or simply to enhance life for as many as possible, we integrate projects with the community in a manner that really matters, for the long term. This is our community.

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