"An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending

on the talent that rubs against it."



I have always been fascinated by how buildings were built and how the spaces within them or created by them affected me on an emotional level. The quality of the design, the composition of the architecture and the statements they made constantly occupied my thoughts. Friends of mine started to comment on how much I would go on about the history of a particular building, or about the importance of a particular design. I realized that I needed to get involved in the creation of what inspired me. When I finally did, it became clear that my motivations were not just to be part of the process but to better understand it, to better appreciate it and to drive it.


While applying to MBA School, the idea of just doing a project lodged itself in my mind and so I directed all my efforts towards creating something that could represent my unique take on development. Gillette Lofts, The restoration of a warehouse built for the Gillette Safety Razor Co. in 1911, was launched in 2005. The building had this amazing presence and I thought that others would share my vision of transforming it into authentic lofts. They did.


From then on, I have devoted almost all of my professional energy towards real estate development both in terms of bringing meaningful projects to life but also towards encouraging the understanding and appreciation of architecture, design and the role development plays in our community.

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Creativity and productivity are among the passions that have bound me up as I have led teams through rigorous terrain within the Communications and Advertising sectors of various projects in Montreal and Los Angeles. Previously, as Advertising Producer, I have delivered worldwide campaigns for clients such as Coca-Cola, Suzuki, Motorola and Anheuser-Busch, and I just recently produced NBC's Super Bowl show opener with Carrie Underwood - the most watched TV broadcast in history.


Transferring my team motivating, task & budget management expertise to my love of real estate development, I bring edge, a keen creative perspective and feminine touch to Renwick. I am so thrilled to be involved and help inspire the creation of lifestyle and work-style dream spaces known only to those exclusive to The Renwick Society.


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